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Our Pomegranate juice come from a high selection of healthy and ripe pomegranate grown in our fields in Spain, guaranteeing the highest quality pomegranate juice. In short, the pomegranate juice will be the best choice if you want a 100% natural juice, wich gives you the benefits of the spanish pomegranates. Wonderfull and Mollar.

We have to glass bottle measures: 750ml and 200ml

Pomegranate Juize 100% Squeezed

  • Bottle Size: 750ml and 200ml

    Transport capacity

    • 40” container: 19.300units/ 23 palets/ 3220 boxes = 750ml

    •20” container: 9.240 units/ 11 palets/ 1540 boxes = 750ml


    • Tastes: 2 tastes. 100% Natural Juice NO SUGAR, NO COLORING, NO PRESERVATIVES. 24months expired

    •Mollar: Type of pomegranate only from Alicante area, very sweet. (Can not be find in another place in the world)

    •Wonderful: Type of pomegranate less sweet.

    •3kg of Pomegranate in 750ml bottle. 1kg of Pomegranate in 200ml bottle

    Shelf Life (estimated): 24 months

    Suitable for Vegetarians

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